5 juices for people suffering from acne

suggested juices for people suffering from acne.

1. Watermelon juice

Watermelon is an antioxidant fruit that helps fight bacteria and helps to clear the face. It contains phytochemicals such as lycopene, vitamin C, β-carotene, and Total polyphenolic content that possess anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidant properties.

2. Orange juice

Orange is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A which is good for a clear skin. It helps to clear the face. It contains Vitamin C, Thiamine, Folate and Potassium.

3. Lime juice

Lime Juice has always been people’s refreshing  drink so think about how much it can refresh the face. Lime is acid resistance which helps digestion of foods properly that can lead to clear skin.

4. Amla juice

Amla is known as a proper treatment for skin and hair. It is rich in anti-oxidants. It helps increase red blood cells and purifies blood which leads to clear skin.

5. Aloe Vera juice

Aloe vera has antibacterial properties that can help control and reduce acne-causing bacteria. It is also good to apply on the face overnight.

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Sonal Khiani

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