Battling Video Games

The tough choice one is has to make between video games and a girlfriend can be mentally straining.

Time management skills is one of the most important skills to develop for the amelioration of career but who knew its even more important to warm the cockles of your girlfriend’s heart. Just as convenient as it is for girls to put forward their demand of time and attention to their boyfriends, only boys know the struggle that they go through to balance between that one more round of game that they (really really) want to play with the boys and the girlfriend who is definitely getting furious if she doesn’t get attention immediately.

No matter how strictly the time between both these essentials of life is distributed, the tendency to want to bend towards video games and go out with the boys and have a little fun is always a little bit more tempting than the other, and there is nothing wrong or abnormal about that. All of us enjoy spending time with our friends and have that comfort around them.

Although both friendships and relationships are indispensable, the undeniable fact is, they are supposed to provide comfort and cushion to your life. Long-term relationships with foreseeable future are important and healthy relationships will not require you to choose.        `

There are still a few things and efforts that need to come from your end too and here are a few ways you and keep a perfect balance between these battling fields of life and be able to enjoy without upsetting your girlfriend…

1). Prioritize:

Use your judgement wisely and put your actions in line with the need of the time. If you have been spending time for yourself with the boys or video games, you should consider giving some time to your relationship, or if you feel the need to take some time for yourself you should make your partner understand your wishes (and if they are actually healthy for you, they will!!). It also depends on the mood and situation; it wouldn’t exactly be wise to go play games or hangout with friends when your girlfriend is dealing with something and clearly needs you to be by her side.

2). Involve Your Girlfriend Too…

Girls might not always show or be able to express appropriately, but they do feel unwanted and unloved if they do not get the time and attention from you. In such cases, they might act irrational sometimes, the best thing to do in such times is to involve them with you. You can take them out with you and your group of friends or just talk to them about what you are up to. And even if they don’t say it out loud, they would actually love it if you take the time to teach and play video games with them.

3). Schedule your day..

If you think you have a tendency to not be able to divide and segregate your time, you might want to consider creating a time-table (like one of those study time tables we made during exams) or just set alarms if you need to. Just as primitive as it may sound it can be more helpful than you will ever expect it to be. Schedule days and accordingly give your time to your friends, your girlfriend and yourself.

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4). Wait till she sleeps…

If none of the above methods work for you, just wait till she falls asleep or gets busy with something else. You might need to talk and schedule things with your team mates and friends and coordinate things but isn’t that exactly what balance is about!! If you are lucky, your girlfriend might be a sleepyhead and will need naps at regular intervals which means extra time for the games!!!!

Despite all the listed ways, there isn’t a well-defined set of instructions on management of relationships. Each interaction and each equation are different and there is no universal way to deal with them. Another important thing to understand is if you sacrifice and make changes for the furtherance of your relationship your partner needs to reciprocate the same feeling towards you. 

In the end, you as an individual should also be just as happy as pleased you want you partner to be. You deserve the personal space and freedom to spend a little time with the people and things you relish for leisure. Your relationship should not confine you and if it does you already know what you are supposed to do.

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Tanvi Singh

Tanvi Singh