Drunk Men

Drunk men come in a variety and that is the fun part of them being drunk. Here's a few types of drunk men that your squad might have :)

Men when drunk can be a little more interesting than when they are sober. They can dance, cry, fight and scream. That little alcoholic drama adds a lot of spice to the behavior of boys. See which drunk man group the members of your squad belong too…

1). The “Ex” nostalgia:

We have all seen that one guy who starts missing his ex after a few shots no matter how tough he normally is. He cries and sobs and starts narrating stories about his sweet ex-girlfriend.

The nostalgia does take a violent turn sometimes and can come with a topping of a bunch of not so graceful words while referring to the girl that broke their heart.

2). The HULK!!

Fights to breaking things, this drunk man can do anything. The best thing to do when he gets drunk is not piss him off. Temper goes through the roof and anybody can get their nose broken by this guy withing seconds.

This is the type that lets their anger and frustration come out when they are drunk.

3). The Politicians!

Be it weddings or get-togethers or parties, there has to be one man or that one guy, giving drunk political advices. From criticizing the government to formulating new laws, this category does it all while they are tipsy. They create their mini parliament and can list all the things a government lacks once they are three pegs down.

4) The gibberish Fluency:

There has to be that one drunk guy in the crowd that jumbles and messes words up. Alcohol makes us all lose control, but this type forgets how to speak and pronounce words too. The only language that they are fluent in when they are drunk is the one spoken by toddlers.

5). The Comedian:

While everyone in the group is drunk, there is that one guy who fills the eyes of each member of the squad with tears of laughter. This guy will have the lamest jokes that will seem funny only because everyone else is drunk. This guy is the entertainer of the group and takes over everyone’s share of lameness and yet emerges off as the most fun guy.

6). Dance Champ!!!

With everyone’s tipsy vision and senses, there is this type of guys who develop a sudden flexibility in their body and groove from chikini chameli to Sheila ki jawani. They can dance till they publicly embarrass themselves to the extent of people carrying and throwing them off the dance floor. The fact that they are the life of the party cannot be denied tho !!

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Tanvi Singh

Tanvi Singh