Just as much as being friend-zoned sucks it has been a part of almost all of us. Be it by our high-school infatuation or a college crush, we have all been friend-zoned at one point or the other.
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 Just as much as being friend-zoned sucks it has been a part of almost all of us. Be it by our high-school infatuation or a college crush, we have all been friend-zoned at one point or the other.

The problem multiplies almost a hundred times when the person you so desperately wanted to be a part of your life, start dating someone else after friend-zoning you by probably using the very common and obvious statement “I don’t think I want to date anyone right now”. While you are left stalking their posts and stories, someone else enjoys their company and the worst part is when they share those very “romantic” moments with you as “friends” and you are left burning inside with jealousy.

Here are few ways that can help you drag yourself out of this miserable and troublesome situation, and though it might be very difficult to forcefully pull yourself away from this, it is very essential for you to deal with it.

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1). Accept it!

The first and the most difficult step is to accept the fact that they don’t want you as anything more than a friend in their life, and it’s a clear sign for you to move on and shift your romantic feelings away from them. The sooner you accept it the easier it will be for you to establish a healthy and safe distance from them and will help you stay emotionally stable.

2) Let Go..

Once you’ve accepted the fact that the “friendship” boundary has been set between the two of you it will be easier for you to let go of your feelings for them. The idiom to follow in this case is “sooner the better”, because if you don’t then you will have another thing coming and it won’t be pleasant.

It may take up a lot of energy and courage to let go of feelings for someone you’ve for a while but once they give a clear sign of how they want their relation to be with you, move on and relinquish feelings towards them before things take a bend.

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3) Understand your position!

To continue being friends or not is the most important question that arises when dealing with such situation and honestly it totally depends on how they treat you and how deeply you feel about them.

There is possibility of you being used emotionally and for mere attention is such situations and you have to really keep your feelings aside to notice if that is the case. If you do happen to realize that the only reason for them continuing to talk to you is because they need some extra attention or some company when they are bored and have nothing else to do …RUNNNN!!

4). Find other involvements:

Go out, talk to people, find a pile of undone or unresolved work and complete it, get in touch with old friends, meet new people, go out on dates and get a life of your own. Help yourself to not daydream about what could possibly happen if there wasn’t a friendzone barrier. Keep yourself too busy and involved to have the time to go to all the four different social media accounts they have and check each one of them ten times a day. Get a life of your own and make it lively because while it does feel like a major heartbreak, no you were never in a relationship or commitment with them.

5). Embrace yourself and keep up the hope:

Love yourself and work towards improving yourself. Don’t confine your world to them because there is always someone out there who wants to be “more than just friends” with you and is waiting to give you the world. If you have patience and look around you will definitely find that special someone for you.

Being friend-zoned a couple of times doesn’t make you less attractive or appealing, it just makes you realize that you are probably investing your feelings in the wrong place. While “love” or a “crush” just happens and we rarely have control over it we shouldn’t give it the power to change how we feel about ourselves or how the other person gets to treat us.

And it is definitely not the end of the world or a distressing breakup, because you probably always knew the equation that you had with them and weren’t ever offered a commitment of any sort.

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Tanvi Singh

Tanvi Singh