Is there really going to be a second season of Pitchers?

TVF is back and it has just made our year an exciting one.

Last night, the highly celebrated and loved YouTube channel The Viral Fever (TVF) released a 2-minutes long teaser of all the shows that the platform will be releasing in the year 2021. Most of the content made it very clear that there are going to be sequels of the shows released in the last two years. But what has really gotten people talking is the last scene in the teaser which probably points towards the most awaited sequel of TVF’s best drama till date, ‘Pitchers’. And if this is true, then the wait will be over, almost after 5 years!

Lights. Camera. Experiment. :

The trailer is filled with scenes, scenes that will leave you wondering, from the sequels and also from some of the original that TVF will be releasing this year. And this time, TVF has gone one step extra to make originals in different languages. It is mentioned that the shows will range cultures from North to South. And even make an in-between stop in Central. Some of the sequels shown in the trailer have already been released in the beginning of this year. The season 2 of Gullak was released on 15th of January on Sony Liv. Its season 1 was highly praised and people were eagerly waiting for the sequel. And as usual TVF didn’t disappoint. Other sequels like that of College Romance’s and Girls Hostel’s have already been released and already garnering pretty good reviews. 

The Most Awaited Sequels :

Some of the best shows that were released last year by TVF included Kota Factory, Cubicles, Hostel Daze, and Panchayat. All of these shows marked the comeback of the amazing TVF who had been down for a while. All of them received favourable response and few of them even made to the top ten list of IMDB.

Panchayat was one of them. A simple representation of a village’s day-to-day life with quirky humour easily won the hearts of everyone. Everyone is expecting big things from it now.

Kota Factory was another show on the list. It quickly garnered a tremendous loyal fan base because of its apt depiction of the life of students in the city of Kota. And call it a coincidence if you want, but both these shows featured our incredible Jitendra Kumar in lead roles. So the expectation is obviously high. Sequels of Cubicles and Hostel Daze is equally anticipated.

The Last Five Seconds :

Everything was going good but it went great when at the end of the trailer TVF showed a quick glimpse of the lead cast of it’s original drama Pitchers, which was also the second show from the TVF platform after Permanent Roommates. People are going crazy over it and speculating all kinds of things. Everyone is hopeful that at last their favourite show’s sequel will be released. But it’s not that simple. It is highly unlikely that the sequel has even been made. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that one of the cast, Arunabh Kumar who plays the character of Yogi in the drama, was charged during the #metoo trend and was fired from TVF. So, unless they plan to replace the cast, which won’t be the best idea, there is a high possibility that there won’t be a season 2.

It is a disappointing thought but we don’t know anything for sure. Anything can happen. We can only hope for the best and wait. And while we wait, we can enjoy our other favourite show’s sequel which are going to be equally exciting and heart-touching. 

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Chagan Kumawat

Chagan Kumawat