Only two ingredients to stop your hair fall!

It takes two things to let your hair stop from falling. We've got your hair!

Who is not tired of this hair fall era?

Well, we have 2 simple ingredients which can help you to control and stop hair fall. That’s it you read it right, 2 ingredients, aloe vera and ginger.

First, take pure aloe vera extract. Take the amount according to your hair volume and length.

Then take the ginger cut into pieces. Here also take the amount according to your hair volume and length.

Now comes the mixing part. Take both aloe vera extract and ginger pieces in a mixer make a paste out of them. Remember the paste should be thin. Afterwards, pour the paste through a strainer to separate lumps and that you get the thinnest form of liquid. Remember the mix is for one-time use.

Pour your mix into a spray bottle. Spray it all over the roots, massage and leave overnight with a cloth binding your hair.

Next morning, wash your hair, condition, serumise and love them.

For best results repeat the procedure twice a week.

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Anu Jain

Anu Jain