Types of Girlfriends

Girlfriends are of several types, each with their own unique features. Here's a list of a few common types of girlfriends.

1.The Overthinker:

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This is the type of girlfriend that loves you a lot but is always unsure about almost everything. She thinks so much about every situation that she ends up having doubts and anxiety about everything. Though it might be a little difficult to deal with this type of girl, if you just listen to her and try to understand her, she can give you the rarest and the best kind of love.

2. The Sleepyhead:

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Sleepyheads can be the best and worst girlfriends, both at the same time. While they will bother you less, because they are so busy sleeping, they are also going to have lesser time for you because Sleep > You. They are the ones who do not find late night calls and early “good morning” calls romantic. What’s romantic to them is if you rub their backs while they sleep or just let them sleep in peace.

3.The Possessive One:

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If you have a girlfriend belonging to this category you better keep all your actions in check. A possessive girlfriend is not going to hesitate in breaking anyone’s bones and teeth when it come to her relationship with you. Remember Safeena from Gully boy? Yes! This is exactly that!! “MERE BOYFRIEND SE GULLU GULLU KARENGI TOH DHOOP DEGI NA USKO”. She is going to exercise her rights over you to the fullest.

4.The Passive Aggressive:

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She is probably going to be understanding and will never raise her voice, but this also means that you have to be specifically careful while dealing with her. She is going to use the silent treatment to show her anger and will probably silently give you the most brutal punishments for misbehaviors. She is the one who is going to come out of every argument as the “right one” and can make anyone agree to whatever she wants (this type can also be a little toxic sometimes).

5.The Fabulous and Famous:

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This is the kind of girlfriend who will make you insecure with all the attention and affection she gets from the world. She is unstoppable when it comes to being awesome and will also make you proud at many occasions. She is the one who is the center of attention almost everywhere she goes and she embraces it because she knows she is awesome!!

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Tanvi Singh

Tanvi Singh