4-4-Two Podcast | Ep 24 | Bundesliga & Other Kachra


Football is back, and it’s boring ayy eff. Watch on for Bundesliga bitching, geeky documentary talks, and a big announcement!

Also, tune to the 4-4-Two Comics Cup, being livestreamed on this channel on Saturday, 23rd May, 5pm onwards for some epic FIFA noobery and quality banter!

Also introducing the 4-4-Two Community Cup, a small tournament we’re organising for fans. Play against others, and the winner takes away a cash prize, and could feature on the final day of the livestream to play the Comics Cup champion! Tickets will be available on insider from tomorrow (20th), and registrations close on the 22nd. We will be pinning the link in the top comment as soon as it’s live!

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East India Comedy

East India Comedy