5 Must Try Comfort Foods | Amrita Rana | Lady Kha Kha


We as Indians have some fixed patterns and that is even true when it comes to food. What we prepare for parties and what we order in restaurants or even eat regularly, are a part of our established mold. Its time to change and break the fixation with Lady KhaKha, Amrita who is here to inspire you to try and be adventurous with foods.
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Amrita lists 5 amazing but less known dishes that she tried in different restaurants and eateries around Mumbai. These dishes are so interesting and savoury that every foodie will enjoy and thus must not be missed!

Try out this amazing recipes and give your feedback, recipe requests and suggestions in the comment section below.

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Lady Kha Kha with Amrita Rana from lifekirecipe.com bring to you amazing party food that you can easily cook in your kitchen and impress your guests.

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Lady Kha Kha

Lady Kha Kha