How To Dress For Work: Layering & Elegant 9 to 5 Fashion | Komal Pandey

Hello, my loves!
Here is a detailed video on putting together some professional 9 to 5 outfits that are also completely transitional for when you have to go out in the evening after slogging all day at work!
Remember the outfits that I have put together are TRUE to MY personal style, you don’t have clone any of it, but just draw enough inspiration the next time you dress up for work!
Unfortumately, I have disable the comments section right now due to a lot of negativity. However I REALLY WANT TO KNOW your feedback & favourite looks- so COME TELL ME ON INSTAGRAM?
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Look 1:
1. Cowl neck blouse, pants & blazer- Zara (mix and match/0
2. Earrings- Mango
Look 2:
1. White shirt- Forever 21
2. Playsuit- Zara
3. Pants- Mango
4. Trench- H&M
5. Envelope Bag- Zara
Look 3:
1. Lettuce neck check top- Zara
2 Tie- Borrowed (Marks & Spencer’s)
3. Skirt- Zara
Look 4:
1. Statement sleeve top, blazer- Zara
2. Pants- H&M
Look 5:
1. Leopard print organza shirt & lettuce neck top- Zara
2. Pleated skirt- Zara
3. Earrings- Zara
Look 6:
1. Green blouse- Zara
2. Polka dot skirt- H&M
Look 7:
1. Crop top inside- DIY
2. Blazer bodysuit- Zara
3. Checkered. blazer- Sarojini, old
4. Faux leather skirt- Zara


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Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey