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The Right Way to Store Potatoes | Potatoes Storage Tricks & Tips | Food Knowledge | National French Fries Day #PotatoStorage #Howtostorepotatoes

Do you know that potatoes can last longer than any other fruits and vegetables? But eventually, they start to sprout green shoots and lose some of their freshness and flavour. If you know how to store them properly, they’ll stay fresh for weeks, or possibly even months, longer.

Tips while buying potatoes & how to store potatoes properly.
• Store potatoes in a cool, well-ventilated place.
• Colder temperatures such as in the refrigerator, cause a potato’s starch to convert to sugar, resulting in a sweet taste and discolouration when cooked.
• Avoid areas that reach high temperatures or receive too much sunlight. Always in a cool dark place away from dirt sunlight.
• Perforated plastic bags and paper bags offer the best environment for extending shelf-life
• Don’t wash potatoes before storing. Dampness promotes early spoilage.
• Green on the skin of a potato is the build-up of a chemical called Solanine. It is a natural reaction to the potato being exposed to too much light.
• Solanine produces a bitter taste and if eaten in large quantity can cause illness.
• If there is slight greening, cut away the green portions of the potato skin before cooking and eating.
• Sprouts are a sign that the potato is trying to grow. Storing potatoes in a cool, dry, dark location that is well ventilated will reduce sprouting.
• Cut the sprouts away before cooking or eating the potato.

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