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Mohammed Ali Road is the busiest place in Mumbai during Ramadan. Thousands of people visit Mohammed Ali Road to explore the delicacies which are world famous mostly mouthwatering Kebabs. Guess what Lady Kha Kha is doing there? Not sure if you are correct! She is onto something really interesting with her unique twist that would definitely dazzle you. Lady Kha Kha is at this amazing place called “Fresh & Local” that is not only renowned in Mohammed Ali Road, but all across Mumbai for its community rooftop garden, where you can grow microgreens by yourself and encourage biodiversity and urban farming in your own small way. In case you don’t know the process, you can easily learn it with Lady Kha Kha.
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The reason Lady Kha Kha is at Fresh & Local, is pretty obvious now. She is there to learn to grow “Microgreens” and then make something very healthy and utterly delicious that goes by the name “Microgreens Salad”. You too can watch and learn how it’s done and then grow microgreens for your salad all by yourself.

To connect with fresh and local, visit their website on www.freshandlocal.org

Simply get the following ingredients to make the Microgreens Salad:

– ½ cup Radish Microgreens

– ½ cup Fennel Microgreens

– 10-12 Beetroot Microgreens

– 1-2 Blue Pea Flowers

– 1-2 Bitter Guard Flowers

– 1-2 Ridged Guard Flowers

– 1 Peach

– ½ tbsp Olive Oil

– 1 tbsp Honey

– Lemon Zest

– 1 tbsp Lemon Juice

– Salt Pepper

– 10-12 Dried Cranberries

– 10-12 Hazel Nut

And that’s all!

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