sooji upma recipe 3 ways – white upma, tomato upma & veggie upma | rava upma recipe | uppittu recipe

full recipe:

upma recipe 3 ways | sooji upma | rava upma | uppittu recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a classic south indian breakfast recipe made with bombay rava or sooji with assorted spices and herbs. it is perhaps one of the simple and underrated easy breakfast recipes made within minutes and can be served to all age groups. the traditional way is to make it with sooji and fresh herbs, but it can be extended by adding spice mixes and choice vegetables to make it more flavourful.

upma recipe 3 ways | sooji upma | rava upma | uppittu recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian breakfast recipes are always known for their taste and simplicity. most of the time it is made with some of the basic ingredients available at home which not only filling but also healthy and tasty. one such easy breakfast variety is the upma recipe and this post covers 3 basic upma variants made across south india for breakfast and snacks.



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