Veg Lasagna Recipe without Oven | Lasagne Recipe Without Lasagna Sheets | Kunal Kapur Cheese Recipe

Lasagna or Lasagne is the ultimate comfort food when you are feeling extra special. In this recipe, I show you how to prepare vegetable lasagna in two different ways. Yes, your favourite American Lasagna without a pasta sheet and without an oven. Sounds interesting, right?

Watch the full recipe to know how to make delicious, cheesy, oozing lasagna with and without an oven. Happy cooking!

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00:00 Introduction
01:28 Lasagne Recipe Begins
04:18 White Sauce Recipe
05:22 Assembling Lasagna – Using Lasagna Sheets
07:37 Lasagna without Lasagna Sheets
08:18 Assembling Lasagna – Using Potato Slices
11:34 Bloopers

Ingredients: Veg Lasagne
(Classic Recipe & Potato Lasagne)
~Serves 4~
Lasagne dish (medium size) – 1no
Lasagne sheets (dried) – 20nos
Cheese cheddar – a small block
Pizza cheese (go cheese) – 1 block

Olive oil – 4tbsp
Garlic chopped – 1tbsp
Celery chopped – 1tbsp
Onion diced – 1 cup
Carrots diced – ½ cup
Yellow Zucchini diced – ¼ cup
Green Zucchini diced – ¼ cup
Broccoli florets – 1 cup
Salt – to taste
Pepper – a generous pinch
Basil leaves – few sprigs
Tomato (blanched and chopped – 2½ cups
Tomato puree – ½ cup

Butter – 4tbsp
All-Purpose Flour – 2tbsp
Milk – 300ml
Salt – to taste
Pepper powder – a pinch
Nutmeg – a pinch

Lasagne Sheets (dried) – 5nos
Mozzarella Cheese (grated) – 2cups
Parsley chopped – handful

Potato (thinly sliced, medium) – 1½ cups

Watch the complete recipe with step-by-step written instructions here:

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