What can a normal day makeup include?

day-to-day make up essentials

 1. BB cream

It is a complexion cream that helps the skin for hydration, anti-aging properties and SPF protection.

2. Compact

Compact is a powder which is  used for the settling the foundation. It is a cake shaped container.

3. Sunscreen

Sun screen helps your skin fight the sun and dirt in your day to day life. It helps you getting away from tan.

4. Kajal

Kajal is today’s day to day go to makeup thing for girls. Right from the eyes it is used for the nazar thing (indians believe). It makes the eyes look more nice and attractive.

5. Lipstick

Lipstick or lip glosses are used for the lips to glow that can make you look presentable. A proper nude shade lip colour might surely make your day even more attractive.

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Sonal Khiani

Sonal Khiani

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