Ye Hamari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

You do not want to miss out on this 'Pawri'.

The meme legends of our sweet neighbour Pakistan have been a real treat since these past few years. ‘The Harmonium Chacha’, ‘The Qawwali Guy’, ‘The Cricket Guy’, ‘The Gormint Aunty’, and many more have ruled the social media feed of many meme pages for a long time. And this year the first person to take this trend forward is a 25-year-old girl, Dananeer Mobeen, who is also a very active Content Creator on Instagram. 

How did this ‘Pawri’ start :

Dananeer regularly posts content on instagram about her lifestyle and keeps her fans updated on her personal life too. On February 6, she posted a video of her and her friends partying on the side of a road.

The video wasn’t much of a trend when it was first posted. But it took off when one of India’s hilarious and very talented music creators decided to have some fun with the video and show his magic. As usual.

The Yashraj magic masala :

We all have heard the mysterious song ‘Rasode me kaun tha’ and ‘Tauda Kutta Tommy’, which, without a doubt, fights for animal rights. And we all have jammed over them for infinite times. Yashraj Mukhate, an Instagram content creator, is famous for taking conversation snippets from anywhere and turning them into trending songs. He did the same thing with Dananeer’s ‘Pawri’ video and turned it into a song, which is now ruling the social media feeds of every handle.

The video became an instant hit and garnered a whopping 7 million views in just one day. It is trending at number 4 in India. Our beloved Yashraj Mukhate is already a renowned music creator but because of him, Dananeer’s reach has increased fourfold. Her followers have increased tremendously. And her ‘Pawri’ video has now become a trending meme template for all the memers out there.

Ps : We are jamming with the song and looping it all day. We suggest you do the same.

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Chagan Kumawat

Chagan Kumawat